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For personal and business storage, begin by getting a storage quote from one of YoStorage’s central storage warehouses in Gauteng.

Here are some tips to make your personal storage easier:

  1. Pack your storage unit with the bigger, heavier items first. Store the items you will need to access more frequently at the front of your personal storage space.
  2. Keep items of similar size together. Pack less regular shaped items at the front of your storage unit so that you get the most out of your storage space.
  3. Put heavy items into small boxes so that they are easy to lift. Label boxes containing personal storage items on all four sides for easy identification.
  4. Wrap glassware in bubble wrap. Clearly mark these boxes as ‘fragile’.
  5. Use furniture as extra storage space. Pack drawers and cupboards with small items from your storage unit. Items can also be stored on and under tables.
  6. If you are using your storage unit to store clothing, use wardrobe boxes to hang items so that they retain their shape while they are kept in our storage facility.
  7. Food crumbs or stains should be removed from items before placing them in our storage warehouse, so that pests aren’t attracted to your belongings.
  8. If you plan to store furniture in your self storage unit, cover it with soft plastic.

For more helpful info on personal storage, get in touch with YoStorage on 011 493 0505 or Contact Us.

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