How to keep a Self Storage Facility Safe

Running a self storage facility isn’t about keeping competitive rates and multiplying tenants. It’s not about attracting customers for the sake of making a profit. In order to succeed with your business, the basic principles need to be applied. Proper safety and security measures are two important components that can’t and should not be ignored. Storage space facilities need to be safe from any potential danger. The hired storage staff must always take steps in assessing the level of security. The following are some steps that can be taken in order to protect the facility from crime and hazards.
• Security at the entrance
The facility must have tight security at the entrance including an automatic gate system, alarms, camera surveillance, motor sensor lights, etc. a number of facilities have these systems in place. Thanks to technology, a number of self storage facilities can be a safe environment for storage. From a business point of view, having high security features attracts more tenants to rent. Security needs to be perfect at all times.
• Outline safety features for tenants
Offering protection for tenants and the staff is important. The facility must outline and imply the safety procedures in a proper way. Having wet floors precautionary signs and enforcing safety devices when performing specific tasks, should be a mandatory procedure for all self storage facilities. Proper guidelines need to be enforced from time to time thus ensuring safety at all times.
• Proper maintenance
Regular maintenance of a self storage facility prevents things such as potential hazards and unforeseen accidents. The proper maintenance of each facility must be maintained at all times. This includes poor lighting, wall cracks and leaks. All these issues need to be taken into consideration and must be dealt with before they escalate. A number of people store their valuables inside storage spaces, these facilities need to be in the best condition.
• Monitoring tenants
Monitoring tenants after they moved in their valuables is a good idea. Knowing your tenants gives you the opportunity as a manager to keep an eye on the type of items being stored inside the storage facility. This also gives you the opportunity to assess any suspicious looking items such as chemicals, drugs or weapons which need to be reported immediately. In order to run the storage business, one must always prioritize security features at all times. Safety for both tenants and operators must be adhered to at all times.

How Self Storage Units can benefit Businesses (Business Storage Units)

Self storage units have a number of beneficial uses for business in need of extra space. A number of businesses are in need of in-store space and are sometimes forced to hire premises for space These businesses can use these storage units for putting away new and old stock. A number of premises are large and sometimes overpriced, self storage units can offer the best solution for a number of businesses.

A number of businesses use self storage units for a variety of reasons. Some companies use self storage facilities for packing away excess stock, office equipment materials or occasional stock. Storage units are also used for personal use. These units are perfect for putting away personal possessions such as furniture or various collections that are near and dear to ones heart. Self storage units offer immediate space and because their safe one can literally store just about anything. They provide 24 hour security with some offering CCTV around the clock security guards. Some offer locks to the storage facility making them twice as safe. Business storage units offer convenience, its additional space that can be used purely for storing important goods.

Self Storage units offer the following uses:

  • Self Storage when moving house

When people move houses, they seldom think about using self storage units. Extra storage can be beneficial especially when one needs storage room for their personal items. Self storage also comes in handy when there is little room in a new house and certain items need to be put away temporarily. Self storage units offer a short term solution and because their safe you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Some self storage services are quite affordable making life a little simple.

  • Self Storage for Students

When students move out of their parents’ house for university they seldom consider self storage units. Some have the assumption that they can leave what they don’t need at their parents’ house. In some cases this arrangement works out perfectly, for others this isn’t the case. Most of the times students move out of their parents’ house which means a lot is sometimes left behind. These items might be needed urgently. This is where self storages come in, if your good are stored nearby accessing them will not be a problem. In some cases these units are cheap, safe and secure all of which is important for both student and parents.

  • Self Storage for Businesses

A number of companies are battling to find space to accommodate everyone and everything in one company. The need for space is real and some could do with extra space. Most businesses need space for storing materials, equipment, furniture and or general office items. As a company grows, so does the need for extra space. Companies that sell and buy stock can benefit immensely from self storage units.

10 of the Strangest Things Ever found in a Private Storage Space

It’s standard practice among storage rental companies to reserve the right to sell off whatever is stored in a private storage space in the case of client non-payment. But what do people keep in the private storage space they rent? People from all walks of life, and eccentric things have been found in such spaces. Here are the top 5:


  • Dead Grandma

Numerous cases of cremated remains being found are common, but one Florida family took it a step further and kept their dead matriarch in a blue coffin in a storage space for over 17 years.

  • Secret Michael Jackson Songs

A storage space belonging to Joe Jackson, the late king of pop’s father, was found to contain over 250 original and unreleased songs, including some with Tina Turner. The songs didn’t belong to any recording company in particular, and were sold to a private buyer.

  • Nicholas Cage’s million dollar comic book

After an extremely rare comic book was stolen from the actor’s house, the limited edition was found in an abandoned storage unit, and was identified by an expert as the one stolen from him.

  • Aretha Franklin’s Clothes

It seemed Aretha rented a space to house her clothes after a fire in her home, and then somehow just forgot about them and stopped paying the rent. They were auctioned to a lucky fan.

  • Cold, hard cash

A man from San Jose bought the contents of a storage unit at auction, not realizing that it literally was full of treasure, including gold and silver bars and rare coins to the value of more than half a million dollars.

Anything you imagine can be found in a private storage space. Usually, the only glimpse the public gets behind the metal doors is when the renter has failed to pay for the unit, and the contents are offered at auction. If these are the weirdest things that have been found in private storage space, just imagine what’s been stored there and never been seen!

Storage Wars Reality Show Drama

One of Discovery Channel’s most popular reality shows to date is facing some serious allegations which could see the show’s popularity plummet, and each cast member’s alleged $25,000 per episode salary disappear. “Storage Wars” is one of the latest offerings following the trend of auction based or “bargain-Hunting” reality shows such as “Cash in the Attic” and “Antiques Roadshow”

The Show follows a group of people who bid on the belongings of people who have neglected to pay their monthly storage bills. Generally the show shows a group of bargain-hunters standing outside each storage locker (nobody is allowed inside, the bids are based only on what is visible from outside the storage space) and the subsequent unpacking and assessment of the stored goods.

Most monthly storage facilities include a cause in their contracts that specifically state that in the event of non-payment of monthly storage rates, the storage facility is free to auction off the goods inside the private storage space.

A Lawsuit has been filed against Storage Wars by a dismissed cast-member, David Hester. Over and above the run-of-the-mill breach of contract suit, Hester is making some sensational claims that have fans of the show paying close attention, including one claim that a female cast member had breast augmentation surgery purely for the show’s male fans, and even more shockingly, that the supposed “reality” show has been faked to a large extent.

Hester claims that, while the show depicts the initial opening of the monthly storage spaces to be auctioned, the show’s producers have allegedly been placing expensive items into the lockers to be “discovered’ in the “blind” auction.

Only time will tell whether or not Hester can prove these allegations, but it is likely to be a messy and very public lawsuit involving breach of contract and fraud.

Packing for Safe Storage: The Checklist

Out of site is out of mind, but when it comes to storing your goods in an off-site public storage facility, it is a good idea to pack your things properly to maintain safe storage of your valuables over the long term. Here are 18 useful tricks to make sure that you find your goods in perfect condition when you take them out of long term storage.

  1. Get your materials together before you begin. Invest in some sturdy cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, and make sure you have a big pile of newspapers at hand.
  2. Special wardrobe boxes are available if you plan on storing clothing. Include some cedar blocks to prevent fish moths which can damage clothing.
  3. Write FRAGILE on items that are, in fact, fragile. You are likely to forget what is in which package.
  4. Electrical items like TV’s and computers should be packed in boxes with plenty of protective material and some sachets of silica to prevent dampness.
  5. Label each box and list its contents in case you need to find something particular.
  6. Safe storage of your delicate items means you should place lighter items on top of heavier ones.
  7. Don’t store books on their spines, rather lay them flat.
  8. Keep your boxes light enough to move easily. Don’t pack them eith heavy items if it makes them too heavy to move.
  9. Don’t put ANYTING wet into your safe storage space. Defrost and thoroughly dry all refrigerators before storing, as well as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers.
  10. Couches (but not beds) can be stored on their ends to save room.
  11. Wrap all soft furnishings in protective plastic covers.
  12. Never store toxic, corrosive or flammable materials or substances with your things. Safe storage facilities will ask you not to anyway, and for good reason.

If you are looking for Safe Storage Facilities to store your valuable belongings, then you have landed on the right website. Simply complete our Contact Us Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Big a Public Storage Space do you Need?

Public storage facilities are a super way to store your goods without cluttering up your home or business space. Because public storage facilities charge you by the square foot or square metre, however, it is a good idea to estimate exactly how much space you need in order to store your things without incurring unnecessary costs for space you don’t need. Below is a guide that may help as a guide to calculating how much space you need. Remember that this is based on assumptions of the average person and the average storage space measurements on offer, so if you are aware that you may have more or less (or bigger or smaller) things than the average person, you should adjust your public storage space calculations accordingly.

7m X 3.5m X 3.5m

This very large public storage space size is great for commercial storage like extra stock, large machinery and furniture etc. For families that are relocating, this size will generally be large enough for the contents of a large house. In terms of vehicles, it would fit a large SUV or a caravan.

6m X 3m X 2,5m

Will snugly fit the contents of a 4 bedroom house or apartment, a regular sized car or small boat, or a moderate amount of retail stock depending on the size of your inventory.

5m X 3m X 2.5m

This size of public storage space will fit the contents of a 3 bedroom house, a small car or a small boat.

3m X 1.75m X 2.5m

A large motorcycle, the furniture of 1 room, large inventories of documents and records or appliances.

1m X 1m X 1m

This size of public storage space will fit your valuables if you are away or travelling for an extended period, like artwork, jewellery, computers and other electronics or a packed suitcase.

How a Business Storage Facility Could Save Your Business Money

Everybody is familiar with self-storage facilities meant for personal use: excess furniture, décor items, appliances, clothes and other things that the owner just can’t bear to part with but would clutter their existing space are often stored off-site for a monthly premium. An ever increasing trend in the corporate and business world, however, is business storage. Believe it or not, using a storage facility for the purposes of business storage, even with its monthly costs, could actually save your business much more money than you would initially believe. Here’s how:

There are very few companies or businesses which actually own the premises from which they operate, especially in terms of small to medium businesses operating out of offices or retail spaces. For example, let’s say you own a clothing shop, and have decided to rent a retail space in a fashionable shopping centre. Since these spaces’ rent is calculated by the floor space they occupy, you may be shocked at the hefty prices you are being charged just for on-premises storage space, especially if you carry a lot of stock but can’t display it all at the same time. Business storage rental might be just the answer for you. For just a few hundred rand per month, you can rent a significant amount of space, which translates into less need to rent a large and expensive trading space, which would probably cost you many thousands unnecessarily.

Granted, a minor drawback is that by using business storage facility, your stock is off-site, but if you choose a facility near to your business, this need not be a major issue at all, and the amount of money you save will definitely make the trips to and from your business storage space well worth it.

Keeping Your Short Term Storage Unit Neat

By definition, a short term storage unit of any size is a place where people hoard things they don’t have the space for in their homes or places of business. In order to get the most out of every square foot, it is actually a good thing to make sure it is absolutely full with no wasted space. This does not mean, however, that it is a good idea for it to be so cluttered and disorganized that you end up with a massive headache when trying to find something or moving your things out of short term storage or into a more permanent location. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up with your very own episode of “Storage Wars” or, even worse, “Hoarders”.


Begin with a Clean Space

While your short term storage unit is empty, give it a good sweep and mop. This will encourage you to organize your things properly and keep it that way while you pack.


Label Absolutely Everything

Don’t assume you’ll remember which box holds what, because you certainly won’t. Label each and every box and bubble-wrapped item. And as far as boxes go, label all 6 sides. You have no idea what a difference this will make when rummaging through your short term storage space.


Keep a Strict Inventory

It is surprisingly common for people to forget what they have put into short term storage and what they haven’t. A photo inventory will help you out whenever you wonder what happened to that jacket, that book or that kitchen appliance.


Exercise Some Common Sense

It is simply good sense to place heavy items at the bottom, to leave an aisle through your short term storage space so you are able to move right through to the back, and to put things that you might need soon towards the front. While you’re putting things into short term storage facilities, always keep in mind how hard they will be to get out again.

Self Storage: Are Your Goods Really All That Safe?

Self storage has seen a huge rise in popularity in South Africa in recent years for a number of reasons. The textbook case of urban sprawl that is the city of Johannesburg, as well as high rates of crime and ever-increasing property prices has prompted many young professionals to opt for apartments and townhouses rather than houses, and a culture of renting rather than buying has become a norm. Many inner-city and even suburban apartments are very economical in terms of space, which suits single individuals and young couples, but doesn’t leave much room to store things like furniture, books, large appliances and other property in the living space itself.

Self storage is a reasonably cost-effective alternative to selling your excess items, but as most self-storage facilities are located in heavily built up and high-crime areas, safety is often an issue, and many people who assume they are using a safe storage facility eventually find out they are paying a monthly fee just to get robbed.

Safe storage practices should be number one on your list when considering using a storage facility, and modern technology and a commitment to great service has led to some of the more reputable storage facilities to dedicate plenty of time and funds to providing safe storage for their customers. Here is a checklist of some things you may want to ask about when checking out a storage facility before committing to a contract.

1) Do the storage facilities have windows?

Windows are a serious security risk and can compromise safe storage. If windows are present, remember to wrap up your furniture well to prevent exposure damage and make sure there are burglar-proof bars covering any vulnerable points.

2) Surveillance

Particularly in South Africa, 24 hour security is vital to safe storage facilities. Good storage will always include CCTV and security personnel as well as an on-call security company.

3) Access Control

Ask the managers of the storage facility whether anybody but you will have any possible access to your storage space. A good, safe storage facility will answer in the negative. Reputable storage facilities will encourage you to bring a padlock of your own which cannot be opened by anyone else, and the more technologically advanced companies will make use of thumb-print recognition for an added measure of safety.

Garage Storage Solutions – Rent Garage Space

Storage Companies often provide Garage Storage Solutions to individuals and Businesses that wish to rent garage space in order to store their belongings. Usually a Garage Storage Unit is used to store your belongings that you no longer have space for in your home such as tables, beds, old computers and so on. Garage Storage can also be used as temporary storage for your belongings when you relocating to a new city or shifting to a new house

Benefits of Renting Garage Storage Space

  • Security – When you rent out a garage from a self storage company, you ensure that your belongings are kept as securely as possible, as storage companies implement security measures such as security guards, alarm systems, CCTV and more to ensure that your belongings are safe.
  • Accessibility – Storage Companies will give you access to your storage unit whenever you need to store or retrieve something. Depending on the storage company, you may have 24 hour access to your garage storage unit or you may access it it during working hours. Urgent access can be arranged with your storage company at any given time.
  • Space – Renting out garage space will free up usable space in your home. You can use this space to install a Fish Tank, Computer Desk and so on to beautify or enhance your.
  • Affordability – Garage storage units are usually reasonably priced and are charged on a monthly basis, the convenience can not be compared to the monthly fee you pay. It’s definitely worth the money if you want to free up some space in your home.
  • Hassle Free – The fact that many storage companies offer a month-on-month contract for garage storage space, it is stress free to rent a garage for your personal or business needs.


Available Garages to Rent

Garage Storage Units are usually described in terms of the size of a garage that is, ¼ garage, ½ garage, ¾ garage, double garage, and double-plus garage. All garage storage units have a minimum height of 3.6m (double volume). The size of your garage storage unit depends on your storage requirements.

Your Budget on monthly basis towards garage storage will also determine which garage storage unit you are likely to rent. The more money you are prepared to pay per month to rent garage space, the bigger your garage storage unit.

If you’re looking to rent garage space to store your personal or business belongings, then you have landed on the right place. We have various sizes of garage storage units to suit your specific needs. All you need to do is complete our Contact Us Form to make a reservation for your garage storage unit.